Worth the Wait

by EdenHero

His pace is swift as he travels towards me down the stairs. Dressed in his daily suit and tie, his hair is newly combed and shines. I heard the shower going only minutes ago upon my arrival home. Oh to be ready for the day in such a short time. Before leaving, he insists on making me a cappuccino. "I've been refining my skills," he says with a smile.

Packing the coffee, he describes the need to clear the line in a rag rather than in the milk. The espresso brews and then the frothing begins. "You hold the steam near the surface of the milk to create little bubbles." I comment on the time it takes and his reply is a simple, "its worth the wait." Milk frothed and espresso steaming from a zebra cup, he holds the carafe high and pours. "The milk reaches the bottom of the espresso because of the distance," and through small movements of his hand he attempts a frothy heart which looks more like a fern leaf.

"There's a lot of love in that cappuccino," he says while tying his shoes. I smile and sip realizing this is the final moment of our morning before we part ways until the evening hours. I tell him he looks handsome, I thank him for the frothy beverage and watch him travel into the hall, down the stairs and outside into the final moments of summer.



Vedic Astrology Reading 2009

by EdenHero

We begin our call quietly. Words shift and a level of recognition is felt. He is the first to interpret my chart. A counselor by nature, he hopes to contribute.

Through the phone, he notes my name and pauses.  "Marta, all of life is awareness. In this life we must work through past life behavior and improve."

A pause and I answer, extending words I have been feeling for a long time, particularly now, "We are all connected by the same conclusion, yet, my feet will not touch the ground. They do not want to."

A pause and he notes, "Marta, your being a yogi is a blessing. By being in your heart, you will always be okay. As things have a way of finding you when you're aligned. So accept who you are and continue to develop internal awareness. You will not fail as the universe supports you. Put the intention out there and offer selfless service."

Our call moves to an end. For his words, I am grateful and reminded to practice present moment awareness every day.