New Year Mandala: Year of Infinite

by EdenHero

Black feather wings. Empowered feminine energy. Light and dark. Glass, metal, ink, paper, fabric and fashionable feet. Sexy, present, shiny, urban, sewn, statement; Infinite Intention.
— Designer Marta McCormick's Inspiration

City Inspired

by EdenHero

Budapest Midnight is a collection inspired by European cities grown around the climate and resources of nearby rivers. Subject to shifting weather, the elements of fog, wind, chill and heat lean on city dwellers and tourists combing the attractions.

As a traveler, I found layers of scarves an easy daily choice as it allowed me to stretch my wardrobe while living from a carry-on and remaining comfortable whatever the condition. All layers pack easily in whatever purse and add little weight; a thankful realization when boarding trains with my light suitcase.


The Fabric Writes Itself

by EdenHero

Designing through ink to paper, Google search and fabric pile, I explore how Budapest fashion mixes prints with headbands, dark simple leggings, vests, open backs and long tanks with side boob.

It is an unpredictable city of layered travel as silk meets wool poplin and pale glamour pout.

With a bridge of worlds, powder violet-silver backlights a golden sky sunset reflected by moving water.

Changeling Style

by EdenHero

Origami cranes spin in studio.

Suspended from the ceiling, in a doorway and above the s-chair.

Colors move together

a quiet breeze of dancing string.

Hallway Ballet

by EdenHero


I absorb my dreams

realizing they are in color

water with lemon, hot bath meditation

ballet yoga in the hall




Below the Hood

by EdenHero

Perspective shot of wedding car. In Morrison Colorado, the car sits on blocks near a white church. Across the street is a friendly brunch spot with water feature. A hidden wine room sits below the fountain.


Desire to Heal

by EdenHero

“I have a fire in me that wants to blast people out of their pattern of yearning for a more fully realized life and yet forgoing every opportunity to bring it about. I no longer simply want to help people heal; rather, I want them to fall in love with the life they have been given."  Caroline Myss